The Best Features For Successful Hotels

Hotels boast of a wide range of facilities and services for their clients. However, the level of service delivery, the quality of hotel facilities and ultimately the nature and quality of the customer experience differs from one hotel to the other. This can be attributed to different aspects of the hotel. We explore the features and resources such as oak furniture that  set up apart the best hotels from the rest.

Comfortable accommodation

How big is the room? What amenities are available in the forms? What kind of future and finishes are used? Are the mattress and the bedding comfortable and sufficient? A hotel that invests in high quality accommodation facilities and furnishes them with great furniture such as oak furniture is preferred to one whose accommodation facilities are not at par. Given the importance of high quality accommodation facilities in the hotel, it is paramount that the facilities live up to the brand promise of enhancing comfort away from home. 

The food

Availability of a variety of excellent dishes for clients with different tastes and preferences is another great feature in a hotel. Being one of the top two reasons as to why people visit hotels, food can either make or break the hotel. In order to achieve this, the hotel must invest in highly trained and experienced chef and kitchen staff. This ensures that food is handled correctly during the preparation stages, that it is seasoned appropriately and presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 

Great customer service

A great customer service experience encompasses all interactions with the hotel staff from the point of booking to the checkout process. First, the booking, if done directly with the hotel, should be smooth and should not take up a lot of time. Second, the check in and check out processes should be fast, efficient and should not result in the breach of the privacy of the clients. This means that information provided should only be used for the intended purposes and that the said information should not be exposed to unauthorised personnel. Third, the hotel must handle any enquiries or complaints in a procedural, efficient and timely manner. Great customer service sets apart great hotels from average ones.

Advertisements versus realityIn this digital era, photo editing is the norm. However, when photos are edited in such a way that the reality is miles away from what is advertised, then there is a problem. A successful hotel is one whose marketing message and images resonates with the available facilities and resources. This way, clients get exactly what they see and perceive from the adverts. Besides, fraudulent marketing and advertising is illegal and could have negative repercussions on the image of the hotel.

Other services and facilities

Clients may prefer a hotel that provides entertainment and business facilities in addition to the food and accommodation. They may also prefer a hotel that is conveniently located, is accessible through various forms of transport and one that is in a secure location such that security is guaranteed twenty four hours a day. Ultimately, understanding what the target clientele needs and what their wants are is important in ensuring the success of any hotel.